The Director of the Swedish East India Company Sven Werngren and his wife Ulrica Wimnell, c. 1765

During the second octroy (1746-66) of the Swedish East India Company, Sven Werngren (b. 1701) was associated to the Company as their secretary and, as Director of the Swedish East India Company 1663-66. It is during this period this plate is likely to have been ordered.

The initials "SW" and "UW" are displayed under a Swedish Nobel Family Crown.

The initials are enclosed by the typical wood-cut border frame, used throughout the printed edition of the book The Coat of Arm's of all Swedish Noble Families published in Stockholm 1746. A somewhat characteristic feature present in many of the Chinese export porcelain armorial seivices ordered by Swedish families.

The decoration in iron red and gilt is unique for porcelain ordered in Sweden. The only family in Sweden who seems to have used a border resembling this, is the David af Sandeberg monogrammed "DS" service, but then in underglaze blue-and-white.

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