Information on Spoons

I am a collector of Chinese porcelain spoons, not just of antique spoons but of spoons of any age. Can you tell me where to find information on the subject? I possess more than 120 different spoons and I know that there are many, many more out there!

I am interested in questions about the different forms of the spoons, the decorations (meaning of certain pictures, etc.), the length, the factory marks on the back, etc. etc. but also on titles of books on the same subjects.

Only one book I know of

The only book I know of who touches on the subjects of Chinese spoons are the "Straits Chinese Porcelain, A Collector's Guide" by Ho Wing Meng.

Regarding factory marks, I have collected some Chinese marks in my MARKS section. If you have any marks which are not illustrated, I would be grateful if you could send some pictures of them and I will if possibly add them to the section.

Jan-Erik Nilsson

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