"Diamond" mark sugar bowl

I am trying to find out about a sugar bowl that I have. It says "made in occupied Japan". Above the Made in Japan, it has the word diamond and the picture of a diamond. Can you tell me anything about this?

The sugar bowl is white and has blue, pink, and yellow flowers on it. Any help you could give me on this sure would be appreciated.

Valued anywhere from $2 to $30

Dinnerware items are very difficult to pin down, as so much of it was made for export by so many different manufactures. The mark that you mentioned is for one of those manufacturers, Diamond China, and found in Florence Archambault's second book, Occupied Japan for the Home, on page 130, Mark #18.

Sugar bowls can be valued anywhere from $2 to $30 depending on the uniqueness, condition and rarity. This, of course, includes the top. I will really need a good photo of your sugar bowl to try to pin it down for current book value. I'm sorry I can't be more specific, but if you can send the photo with dimensions, I may be able to give you more information.

Ms. Sam Armijo

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