Porcelain figure

Modern Chinese porcelain figure I purchased the figure (pictures attached) at an estate sale over the weekend. He is 17" tall, 3 1/4" x 4 3/4" across the base. Hand painted under the glaze. Hard paste porcelain? He has openings (holes) at his nose, ears, one at the top front of his headresss, and two large openings at the back of his head. No damage, crazing. Any information is greatly appreciated.

A modern Chinese porcelain figure

As you certainly already know this is a Chinese porcelain figure.

Normally these figures depict some of the myriad of "well know figures" from the Chinese mythology. In this case it is the Emperor Wenchang, the principal God of Literature.

Regarding its age a "cover it all" date would be from mid to late 20th century but this is most probably a quite modern piece.

The best clue to its recent date is besides it squareish shape and the somewhat brutal colors of the enamels, the glossy, metallic looking gilt, and also in some measure the healthy color of its face.

The faces of older pieces are either more porcelain white or suggest the use of a "rouge" makeup.

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