A Daoguang (1821-1850) mark garlic vase

This "Daoguang" garlic head vase is very well decorated, but the inside looks a little too clean. I would be grateful for your opinion.

A very beautiful piece

There is really no reason a Daoguang piece should not be very "clean". Imperial pieces have always been carefully treated. It should show some wear, though, since even a rather recent Qing dynasty piece, such as this one looks like - would be almost 150 years old.

There is really no way for me to be certain, but I have compared the mark with some 50 color photos of other Daoguang marks I have reson to believe are genuine, and to my opinion this vase, and the mark - beautiful as they are - is not from the Daoguang period.

Thank you for your interest.

Best regards,
Jan-Erik Nilsson

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