Fahua Lamp

Can you please help me identify the attached ? The lamp hardware says 1908. I believe it is similar to the description I''ve read re: fahua. Also, do you have any thoughts as to value?

Contemporary with the fitting

The jar is as far as I can see contemporary with the lamp fitting.

The jar is made in the style of a late Ming type of jars, indeed called fahua, about which there is still some arguing about their age. You can find several examples of fahua jars and vases illustrated in old books on Chinese porcelain, all invariably attributed to the late Ming.

To me, your lamp foot jar is by no means a "fake" but a perfectly honest replica after an older style. Since there is some arguing going on about this group of pieces as a whole I don't think you should settle for my opinion, but ask around.

The value I have no idea about but should be whatever a late Qing dynasty lamp would bring :-)

Thank you for your interest.

Best regards,
Jan-Erik Nilsson

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