Chenghua stemcup

I have attached some pictures and would like to ask some questions. I just got this piece and is confused to determine between new or old and fine or copy.

It is a small stem cup which is 3,75 inches high, this is the finest one I have ever seen, it has in blue underglaze characters a Ming Cheng Hua period mark. It is finely painted with birds and flowers on the body. I have looked carefully and the glaze is full of bubbles.

Is glaze with bubbles typical of "Ming" glaze? Would you give me your opinion about this cup.

A very recent fake with a much too good mark

This "Chenghua" vine cup is I believe a very recent fake. It is not Chenghua anyway. I am pretty sure about that since I have had the pleasure of studying a few real ones, excavated at the site of the Imperial Porcelain Factory in Jingdezhen.

I also think the mark is too good for this to be a 19th century copy.

Pieces of this quality could have been made during the Daoguang period, but I don't think this one is that early.

Regarding "bubbles in the glaze" it is sometimes of importance but I have not studied any pieces that carfully to know how to explain what to look for and when. I would advise against using that as a rule for anything.

Please note that this is only an advise based on seeing a picture only. The final decision is up to you but "good" fakes are selling in Shanghai at 30-40 US$ so don't pay too much :-)

Thank you for your interest.

Best regards,
Jan-Erik Nilsson

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